Each person's health and well being is ultimately their responsibility. However, just as knowledge in every area of science is increasing rapidly, so it is in regard to the understanding of how our body’s function. Frequently, the latest discoveries and science prove that our past understanding of how our body functions, is actually quite different than what is now known.

Stephen Woodward PKP, CMT, BCD is a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, ICPKP Faculty, K-Power® and Touch for Health Instructor.

Stephen Woodward PKP, CMT, BCD is a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, ICPKP Faculty, K-Power® and Touch for Health Instructor.

At Professional Kinesiology Services we offer classes in:

Nutrition Testing





Professional Kinesiology Practice


TfH Classes

Touch for Health series of classes is the original instructional format which first brought the integration of eastern and western medical concepts into public awareness.

K-Power® Classes

Cutting Edge Workshops Bringing the Power of Choice and Change – Breakthrough discoveries in the integration of eastern and western medicine provide the basis for the K-Power® series. 

We also offer:

Therapy sessions

Many people come to us seeking relief from a physical complaint. The individual may have been given a particular diagnosis. If a person has problems of any kind, there is an imbalance of some type. Most commonly the cause of pain is an imbalance in muscle strength between opposing muscles. This imbalance often occurs because muscles are not working well which causes an opposing muscle to tighten, causing pain. Every other treatment, focuses on trying to relax the tight muscle by working on that muscle. The doctors that developed these techniques discovered that more often the cause of the problem is that the opposing muscle or muscles are not working as they should. If those "weak" muscles are turned back on, then the tight muscle(s) have something to pull against and can relax, allowing the joints to go back in place and pain to diminish. Exercise is not the answer, if the energy is not flowing to the muscle. First, the energy must be "turned on", then; if exercise is needed it will be much more effective. At Professional Kinesiology Services (PKS) we work with hundreds of muscles in the body to insure they are functioning correctly and restore the balance within the body.

Athletic performance

In current medical practice the focus is on treating a specific diagnosis. Once the Diagnosis or Problem is treated or masked the medical treatment is over. There is no protocol for improving or “optimizing” health or performance.

If you are new to Kinesiology:

Click Here to read answers to questions our clients have asked.  They may help you to get a better understanding about kinesiology and how it is different from other therapies.

Stephen Woodward is one of a very small number of Professional Kinesiology Practitioners in the United States. He is certified as an International College of Professional Kinesiology® Faculty,  K-Power® and Touch for Health Instructor and teaches regularly. He continues to learn both through his daily experience working with clients and attending cutting edge training on the latest discoveries.

Stephen was an independent contractor in the Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) area of the Goshen Health Systems for 4 years. In 2006 he opened his own office to expand and diversify services.

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